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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 29, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: it will be a difficult day for students and staff here at this elementary school in clays county after a class -- in clays county in calaveras county after a student is killed. >> reporter: we are live in oakland. do you feel safe riding
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b.a.r.t.? dozens of people hurt in a powerful overseas explosion. what investigators think caused the blast. "mornings on 2" begins right now. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, april 29th. the search for a killer continues in calaveras county. an 8-year-old girl was stabbed to death inside her own home. alex savidge is live outside of her school where security will be tight this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a difficult day to say the least here. this is rural calaveras county. i'm told there will be grief counselors onhand for the students. they arriving right now. classes will get started in about a half an hour. they will be onhand to help students deal with the sudden
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loss of leila fowler. she was a third grader sheer, killed over the weekend -- here, killed over the weekend. she was stabbed in her own home. the sign here, we'll miss you layla. a man is described as white or hispanic. authorities say that man broke into the home and stabbed her. leila's 12-year-old brother was home at the time. at this point, investigators are not talking about what the motive have been. but the crime has rattled this rural community about 30 miles northeast of stockton. i talked with the principal at the school. she told me leila was a sweet girl with a big heart. >> it's unfortunate, under these circumstances that you really get -- the whole idea of how many people she affected and how many lives she affected. it's sad, you know, you
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sometimes don't notice that as life is going on. but boy, you know, she just -- she was so compassionate and kind to so many people. >> reporter: i did confirm this morning with the calaveras county sheriff's office that there's still an active search in the area going on. i'm told we may get an update on the investigation at some point going on. in the meantime, there's still a killer own the loose and that's a concern. that's why sheriff's deputies will be stationed here at the school and also at the middle school and the high school in this area to provide extra security as students come back to school today. there will also be a candlelight vigil in honor of leila here at the school tomorrow night. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. later today, burlingame police are expected to release more information about the stabbing of an off-duty police
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officer. it happened early yesterday morning during a fight at the vinyl club nightclub. the officer is listed in stable condition. it's still not clear how many people were hurt or arrested in this incident. san francisco supervisors are holding a hearing this week to review the city's current security measures for big events. the hearing comes in the wake of the deadly bombings at the boston marathon. city leaders will be taking a close look at security at all of the big events in san francisco, including the beta breakers race which will happen on may 19th. police chief greg suhr is proposing placing surveillance cameras along market so authorities can monitor any suspicious activity. new concerns that iraq could be headed for civil war.
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in the past week, 200 people have been killed in sectarian violence. this is attacks on shiite cities in southern iraq. the government shut down ten, mostly sunni television stations, us accusing them of encouraging that violence. back here at home, california may set a state policy about -- about pilotless drone planes. police and sheriff's departments may be forced to get a warrant to use them if it's not an emergency. those drones, there's a proposed bill set before the public safety committee tomorrow. crews will be out in force in oakland to fix potholes in
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city streets. crews hope to fill more than 3,000 potholes by june 26th. work will begin on claremont avenue between clifton and hudson. 2800 were filled last year. bans for bad behavior and cameras for cops. b.a.r.t. is working on several new safety measures that may soon become law. brian flores is live in oakland to let us know how riders are receipt acting this morning -- reacting this morning. good morning, brian. >> reporter: a sacramento lawmaker -- no audio] it's called assembly bill 716. it allows b.a.r.t. a prohibition order to anyone who commits a range of offenses at b.a.r.t. stations. the offenses can range from ure nateing in public -- urinating in public to other offenses,
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defacing property can ban you from b.a.r.t. can ban you for a year if you were caught three times in a 90- daytime period. there are safeguards to make sure the rules don't lead to discrimination. the person being charged can have a hearing. according to the law, the order must be modified to accommodate those trips. hear what some b.a.r.t. riders are saying this morning. i think it's a good idea they are taking action. the ban, maybe a year, i think that's a bit long. >> reporter: meantime, b.a.r.t. officials recently announced that officers patrolling b.a.r.t. will be equipped with portable videos allowing them to document interactions.
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they've also increased patrol since the boston marathon bombings. b.a.r.t. officials will announce the details. it's expected to take effect in may. for more on the traffic, let's go to sal castanedo. >> we're doing pretty well on the b.a.r.t. system, just checked in with the dispatchers they say the trains are on time. let's take a look amount the traffic getting out to the bay bridge. you will see slow traffic here. it's backed up for about a 30- minute wait all the way out to the macarthur maze. it's seemingly okay once you make it on the bridge itself. you will be waiting to get on the span. northbound 101 traffic slow approaching 880. we had an earlier crash 80 near san pablo dam road. the crash is off to the shoulder, the traffic is backed up way back all the way up past
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highway 4 if you are driving let's say from vallejo to richmond, you will need extra time. 7:08. let's go to steve. >> sal? >> yes. >> i saw my first rattlesnake of the season on friday. >> you were hiking? >> yes, sir. one was a little guy. one was a big guy. if you are hiking, be careful. they are out along with other snakes. some of the higher elevation, mount tam, mt. diablo, you name it. they are out. just looking at mt. diablo, it's 61. they have a 49-mile-an-hour wind out of the north. at the surface things are very quiet. at the surface, things are seeing a northwest north breeze. much warmer by midweek and also windy. higher fire danger. well above average temperatures. at the end of april, there's some areas that are 15 degrees above average. this is four months in a row of high pressure. it's getting -- i'm getting a little tired of it. that's what we have.
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clear skies. no fog unless you are down by san luis obispo. high pressure sending everything to the north. we'll get a few high clouds out of that as that drags across. but then the wind picks up. it will increase much more so as we head to tuesday afternoon evening into wednesday. that gives us higher fire danger. but it looks like more of a north-northeast breeze. that means temperatures will be on the coast. a lot of 40s for lows for the coast. 66 yesterday for san francisco. some of the lows this morning in the 40s. half moon bay still 48. napa airport was 47. novato, 52. santa rosa, 53. yet other area, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. for some it's really mild. for others it's chilly. we'll end up with a lot of sunshine. right off san luis obispo. no impact today.
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37 in tahoe. ukiah, 65. sacramento and record highs possible in las vegas. they are already 74. get out by the pool early. get your towel down and stake your claim. mostly sunny, a cool morning. windy in some of the higher elevations. not too bad at the surface. 60s, 7080s to low 90s. temperatures inland should be around 74. we're looking more like 88, 90. that tells you that things have to change. 60s on the coast. you will have to wait a couple of days to warm up when the north-northeast wind kicks in. fair on tuesday. possible records on wednesday, thursday, friday. i will lean on a cooler pattern wipe the weekend. tori and dave? >> all right, steve. we're finding out more about the bolt problem with the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the "chronicle" says the bridge has 1200 galvanized steel bolts, similar to the ones banned by the transportation
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officials because the bolts can crack. caltrans says the type of galvanized steel being used is safe and that it complies with industry standards. the warriors have a commanding 3-1 playoff series lead and can move on if they beat the nuggets tomorrow. >> let's go, warriors! [ cheers ] >> look at all of those yellow t-shirts. nearly 20,000 donned the colors and cheered loudry as your youry led the team. they a hot hand -- he had a hot hand. >> i'm still a little warmer, bodywise and from them on, the goal kind of looked a little bigger. >> well, this sets up game 5 tomorrow night in denver.
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if the warriors lose tomorrow, they can come back and still win it in oakland thursday night for game 6. if the warriors win this, they will face the san antonio spurs in the second round. >> that's incredible. >> yes. >> really exciting. >> steph is hot, so are the warriors. a powerful explosion blasts yet another major city. i dropped my flute and i charged the guy. >> a church service turns into a crime scene.
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mostly sunny skies today. cool side for some of the lows by the coast. it will be sunny, mild, warm. temperatures, 60s, 70s and a few upper 80s.
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7:15. happening right now. i want to show you a live picture out of the us holocaust memorial museum in washington, d.c. this is the museum's 20th anniversary and they are expecting a gathering of holocaust survivors. you can see behind the flag there. and there's president clinton. honor egg the 20th anniversary of the holocaust museum memorial in washington, d.c. at least 40 people are hurt after a powerful explosion at a building in the czech republic. it happened in a busy downtown area in prague. these are the amazing scenes. there are no reports of any deaths but at least three people are still missing and right now, emergency crews are sifting through the rubble to find people who may be trapped underneath. police think this may have been caused by a leaky gas pipe. but the investigation
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continues. 7:16. south korea now pulling out its last remaining citizens from a factory jointly run with north korea. now, most of the workers there have already left. earlier this month, planned operations were suspended when north korea banned workers from south korea from going into that factory. tensions have been rising since february. that's when north korea was sanctioned because of its recent nuclear tests. in bangladesh the hope is dimming of finding any more survivors where that garment factory building collapsed five days ago. fire in the rubble searched down the searching yesterday. at least 382 died. hundreds more are still missing. the owner of the building and several others are forced of -- are forced to work to find others despite cracks in the building. police were given 15 days to interrogate the building owner. 7:17. hundreds of thousands of californians looking for work
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face another financial -- face another financial setback. automatic budget government cuts now mean smaller unemployment checks. kyla? >> reporter: the 400,000 californians affected were given notice weeks ago. but that doesn't make the cuts easier. those who have been unemployed for more than six months have been receiving federal ben i fits of -- benefits of $300 a week. starting yesterday, it was cut back to $250 a week. some say this will be brutal for those already in a tough financial situation and they say this will make the recession in california harder to overcome. this is just the beginning of automatic budget cuts kicking in nationwide. these current cuts are only for the fiscal year which ends september 30th. if congress does not agree on a budget by then, more cuts will
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kick in october 1st. what this will mean for the unemployment rate for california when i see you next. live in washington, d.c., kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning. now we're hearing from a victim of a horrifying attack at a catholic church in albuquerque, new mexico. police say a man ran to the front of the church after companion and started to -- communion and started to stab members of the choir. one member was the flute player and spoke from his hospital bed. >> i instantly dropped my flute and i charged the guy and i got him into a bear hug and pinned him against the wall. others member of the congregation also tackled the man and held him until the police got there. investigators say the techer was not a member of the -- attacker was not a member of the parish. warm weather all across the bay area.
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steve paulson will tell us how much hotter it will get and if it's expected to last. and apple's next big thing. industry insiders don't think it's a gadget. what they think it is -- next. good morning. westbound bay bridge. very thick traffic. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. [ male announcer ] enjoy delicious chicken
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made the way you say at subwa. with our oven roasted chicken, now a $3 six-inch select. make it your own with melty monterey cheddar or creamy ranch. and during april, the black forest ham is also a $3 six-inch select. subway. eat fresh. the mobile payment system square is announcing plans to the way that fast-food businesses do business. smaller business operators can often not afford this. square wants to convince them that their ipad-based system will cost them less and improve business. the national restaurant association says there's been no improvement in payment technology in 60 years.
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some investors say their ultimate goal is nothing short of transforming the food industry. in the last year, silicon valley firms funneled $350 million into food products. that's up 37% from the year before. some of the ideas include producing fewer animal products including one that makes an egg substitute out of plants. also this year, apple's widespread developers' conference is expected to put the conference on the ceo, tim cook. experts say the last year for apple has been about products that were all approved by the late steve jobs. they expect to see apple focus on the mobile software and cloud service. by the time the wwwd rolls around -- wwd rolls around inup, apple will have gone some time before announcing a new
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product. we want to check in with sal. how is the bay bridge toll plaza? >> it's crowded. i want to he show you the traffic is backed up for a 30- minute delay. we had an earlier crash in the middle of all of this. but they moved it. we also have a crash approaching it on 80. we'll talk about that in a moment. 880 northbound, that looks okay driving past the oakland coliseum. now, 80 westbound still recovering from earlier problems near the richmond area. it's backed up almost all the way to the car keen knees bridge. 880 south is getting busy. we had a report of a brand-new accident in san jose with injuries, northbound 101 reported at hellier avenue. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have clear skies. fog is down by san luis obispo. there's clouds up by the oregon border. for us it's clear. some of the wind gusts are stronger in the higher elevations. i've seen 25, to 50.
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it's cool on the coast. that fog is too far south to see it. 50s bouncing off the morning lows. plenty of 40s. even one at the airport. yet i heard from bill tweetdy in vallejo, 61 balmy degrees. there's the system to the north. after that goes through, the wind will pick up. that will be late tuesday into wednesday. easily, i think 50-mile-an-hour winds for some. not in the higher elevations. everything will go up and it will be so dry in the hills. overall, things look good today. temperatures, 60s, 70s to upper 80s to low 90s. these are way above average. eventually something has to turn but it won't be this week. fair and windy on tuesday into wednesday. possible record high is wednesday, thursday, maybe into friday. one forecast model. i'm leaning on the other one which cools us off a little,
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tori. 7:25. a teenager tumbles down a ventilation shaft. the big rescue effort and how the teenager -- teenager made it to safety. we're live in san rafael where a burn ban goes into effect today. we'll tell you what firefighters are saying about the upcoming fire season and why they are concerned. >> reporter: you depend on -- you depend on ambulances to arrive quickby but that's not what was happening here. that story when "mornings on 2" continues. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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temperatures are rising in the bay area and that means an increased risk of wildfires. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is live in san rafael with information on a burn ban and a grass fire that broke out just a few hours ago. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. experts say that fuel moisture levels that we normally see in june are here now. that's not good news. behind me is an example of just how quickly brush can catch fire. a small patch of grass burned -- burned earlier this morning. firefighters believe it was ignited by a lit cigarette. they quickly put it out on irwin street. state officials have issued a warning that a lack of rainfall
7:30 am
has left much of california lands for burning. california has already responded to 700 wildfires across the state. that's way above average for this time of year. we spoke to calfire's division chief by phone this morning and asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 how this season is stacking up so far. >> i would say it's about an 8. similar to what we were seeing in 2008. but again, you never know how the season is gonna play out. so we're always preparing for the worst. >> reporter: now, open burns will be banned starting today. that includes alameda, contra costa, santa clara, san mateo and santa cruz counties. when are we likely to see rain again? well, forecasters say not until fall. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a teenaged boy is recovering after falling down a ventilation shaft in the marin headlund. the journal reports the boy
7:31 am
fell 35 feet at an old military butcher. firefighters cut through a steel barricade placed at the entrance of the bunker to free the teen. he has a broken arm and bruises but will make a full recovery. developing news from syria. that's where the prime minister barely escaped an assassination attack. a bomb blew up near his convoy in damascus. his bodyguard was killed and one of his drivers was critically injured. operation forces are getting bolder going after president assad's circle even in areas with tight security. an elite team of fbi agents working around the clock to answer one critical question -- in the -- question in the boston marathon bombings. pam cook will have that.
7:32 am
the jury selection in the trial of joseph naso, the man who killed four women between 1977 and 1994, begins today. all victims were found strangled along rural roads. naso, who is representing himself, faces the death penalty if convicted. a crucial hearing is scheduled tomorrow in the face against the man accused of killing trayvon martin. during the hearing, george zimmerman's attorney plans to request that prosecutors happened over evidence they have against his client, including 911 tapes. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. tomorrow's hearing in florida a expected to be one of the last before the trial begins on june 10th. there's now a big money state claim tied to last november's deadly attack inside a santa clara county mansion. this man was killed when three
7:33 am
broke into his home, ransacked it and deep mannedded cash, jewelry and other -- demanded cash, jewelry and other valuable as. now, a former dancer has come forward and asking the judge to have the two daughters that kumar fathered to cake care of her. santa clara county threatening to terminate the contract of after breaking news -- ambulance -- of an ambulance company after problems that led up to a year and a half. we have a technical problem. we hope to get this fixed and get -- and get to janine de la vega. in the meantime, a trial is set to begin in san mateo county for kwame harris. he's accused of assaulting his
7:34 am
boyfriend during an argument at a menlo park restaurant last january. he admitted he was gay shortly after the incident. said he kept his sexuality a -- secret. he played five seasons with the 49ers. one season with the raiders. 7:33. joe mon tan non's son is ept -- montana's son is accepting the invitation to mini camp. he will be at the camp on may 10th. he attended 49ers local pro day. he told the paper that harbaugh gave him positive feedback. he played for pasadena, notre dame and other colleges. and the team has hey nounsed -- and the team has announced they are getting tim tebow go. he will now pass through
7:35 am
waivers, meaning every nfl team will have the chance to pick him up. he became famous when he was quarterback for the denver broncoses come congress up -- broncos coming up bowing move. and michael jordan got married over the weekend in florida. scottie pippin, patrick ewing and tiger woods were there. this is the first marriage for his new wife and the second marriage for jordan whose divorce cost him $68 million. we're going back to tara moriarty. janine de la vega is there now to tell us the details of what led up to the decision to terminate an ambulance contract. >> reporter: dave, county officials are watching how quickly santa clara county respond to emergencies. in the last six month, the company has -- six months, the
7:36 am
company has told me they've resolved issues. the law requires that they arrive to the scene in less than 12 minutes, 90% of the time of being dispatched. the company that operates this company says it did violate its contract twice. they did not arrive within the time frame. the spokesperson said the matter was taken seriously and the company hired more personnel. they are also working closely with the county to make sure the closest ambulance is dispatched to an emergency. we did by fraction of a percentage, a handful of calls get below our contractual requirement. since then, we've been in dom pliance -- compliance and will continue to be. the mercury news is reporting that the county executive says
7:37 am
with one more violation of that type, the county may have to consider terminating itswith the ambulance company. he told the paper, while it didn't put patientsatic are, the county would have been vulnerable if a disaster would have occurred. we've reached out to county officials to see if they are pleased with the response that has been made. we're waiting to hear from them. but the ambulance company told us they've been performing well. coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2," we'll tell you about a possible strike that may be on the horizon. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. >> it's been kind of busy, tori and dave. northbound 2le 0 -- 280 in san jose. there's an accident reported near this intersection with at least one lane blocked. that could be out of our camera view. you can see traffic is slow.
7:38 am
northbound 280 north of highway 17 reported as a crash there and traffic is slow. also this morning we've been looking at the south bay, just a lot of fender-benders, hellier is the latest one. we have slow traffic at mckee. that one has been cleared, by the way. 80 westbound has been very slow coming from vallejo to richmond. it's very slow. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. there was an accident reported just west of the toll plaza. i don't see it there but i do see slow traffic. this morning if you are driving on the commute to the dumbarton bridge, that would be a pretty good alternate. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. skies are clear. the fog is down by san luis obispo. this looks like a warm week. one will be the -- one change will be the wind.
7:39 am
61 vallejo. yet 46 up in clearlake. there were a lot of 40s on the coast because of clear skies. patrick over in beautiful redwood shores, 59 degrees. i saw 60 near redwood city. 59 in belmont. these are really mild lows. other locations, you go over by half moon bay, it's 45, 46. windy in the hill. that will take the fire danger up, as if it's not bad enough. we haven't had any rain in four months. north and east bay hills, already gusts to 49. it's 61. the warmer pattern will take a while, at least two days to get over to the coast. today won't be that warm. it will be sunny, it will be nice. but we're looking for the temperature trend to go up, up, up. 50s on the temperatures right now. very low. upper 50s. there's the 60. mountain view is in there. san jose is close. livermore is already 58 degrees. a little cool over at neap
7:40 am
airport. they were down to 47. now 50. half moon bay was 48. now they are 52. not much of a breeze. there's -- right there. a little coastal eddy. coest warm there. the fog is shallow but it's not in monterey yet. clear skies on the coast. 37 in. tahoe -- 37 in tahoe. sacramento already 65. the national weather service in las vegas talking about the record highs. but for us, a few high clouds later today. no biggie. sunny, warm. a cool morning. windy in some of the higher elevations. temperatures 60s to maybe low 90s. i might be,ing the envelope a wee pit -- we bit. a lot of 80s in between. san jose, 83. gilroy went 90. santa cruz, 77. it started out 48 in santa cruz. half moon bay, 67. low 78 os for most on the
7:41 am
peninsula. but already sitting about 60 degrees for some. windy weather returns on wednesday and then it looks like it's warm to hot. we'll take that into the weekend. signs of a cooler -- signs of -- signs of cooler weather over the weekend. tori? >> all right. the important milestone expected to be reached today at one world trade center in new york city. medications?
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stokes are higher in early trading on wall street with more indications the housing market continues to accelerate.
7:44 am
contracts to purchase previously-owned homes rose in march. the dow up 63. the nasdaq up 28. s& up8. and another encouraging report out this morning. the commerce department reports consumer spending was up 2/10 in march stole of the spending was to -- shows some of the spending was up but some of that was due to heat the homes we're getting new information on the investigation into the boston
7:45 am
marathon bombings. pam cook's in the studio with the actions being taken, pam, to see if the suspects acted alone. >> that's been one of the really big unanswered questions. were these two brothers affiliated with any extremist or militant groups. now, an elite team of fbi agents is working around the clock to try to determine if the two suspects acted alone. so far, u.s. intelligence agencies have not uncovered any evidence that others were involved. but many lawmakers on capitol hill say the actions of the two suspects raised some disturbing questions. >> the way they handled these devices leads to me there -- me to believe there was a trainer. >> now we're in the second phase and that's to find out who these bombers communicated with, how they became radicalizedded. is it a third party in the united states or russia? >> the fbi has tracked down a mysterious man who reportedly
7:46 am
tutored the older bombing suspect in the ways of radical islam. investigators say the man own 0 -- man only known as misha is cooperating with the fbi and he said he knew the bombing suspect. but if he ever was his teacher he would have made sure he never did anything like that. in the next hour, a very interesting connection in a raid in russia over the weekend, a violent video and one of the bombing suspects. dave? >> all right, pam. thank you. 7:46. our continuing coverage of the deadly boston marathon bombing continues. they will be adding up all of the donations at a benefit in martinez to help aaron hearn. he was one of the 250 people hurt in the talk. now, ken pritchett talked about his family about how the tragedy has brought that
7:47 am
community together. you can get more information at we'll be following all of the information. you can find out what's happening in the boston marathon investigation. you will find the tab right there on our home page. 7:46. the new suspect in the ricin letters case has a court appearance today. the fbi arrested 41-year-old james dusky on saturday at his home in mississippi. he's accused of sending letters with poisonous ricin to president obama, a mississippi senator, and a judge. originally the fbi arrested another mississippi man but he was later cleared and claimed he was framed by duskky. crews are finishing the touches on the one world trade center center. this is the building where workers will install the final two sections of a 408-foot spire making it the tallest building in the western hem
7:48 am
miss spear. a stain -- hemisphere. that building will be 1,776 feet tall. that's the year we secured our independence. efforts are underway to retrieve what's believed to be landing gear from one of the planes that cashed but they are having problems getting it out due to the size and the tight space it's wedged into. later this week, president obama will go to mexico. he will meet with mexico's new president. president nieto. under the previous mexican president, the u.s. worked closely with mexico in fighting the drug war there sending drone planes, intelligence april gents and helping -- agents and helping out in other
7:49 am
ways. according a white house official, president obama will nominate anthony fox as his new transportation secretary. if confirmed, he would replaceout going secretary ray lahood. fox is the first african- american mommyny among -- nominee among the new cabinet members for president obama's second term. george lucas is one of three finalists to create a cultural hub in san francisco's presidio. they received 16 proposals at the space for the former building at crissy field. george lucas wants to use that site to build an art museum from his personal collection. two other ideas, an institute and a hub for exhibits and performances. those finalists will be asked to submit a final proposal this
7:50 am
fall. nippon airways completely, safely, a two-hour flight after being fitted with a new result yum battery design. some insiders say that could have passengers from san jose and japan again before the end of next month. police in los angeles are dealing with a rather unusual suspect. this is video of the man police thought they were looking for but it turns out it wasn't their way and he was released. police are looking for another man dressed in a spiderman suit. how many are there? police say the suspect stole $6,000 in cash from an employee of starline tours on hollywood boulevard. >> wow. 7:50. tori, it was a tragic weekend for bay area divers. what led to three diving deaths in just 24 hours? and why some business owners might sue to help bring the as to san jose.
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7:53 am
mount etna erupting in italy. we don't see it happen very ovbut it happen as lot there -- very often. but it happens a lot there. lava, ash shot hundreds of feet into the air. officials say it's no risk right now to people living in the nearby towns. back here at home, the diving community mourning the deaths of three divers died in separate incidents in sonoma and mendocino counties. one of the drivers is a retired firefighter from pacifica. searchers found seed trick k -- found cedrick collette on
7:54 am
saturday. the abalone diving season started april 1st. and a lot of divers were in the water due to a low tide. >> if you go up to the chase and you go down and pull your breath, anything can pull you out, a wave, uneven terrain. >> and a san francisco man drowned after getting caught in a riptide. and another diver was found in the waters of north frag. business edgers are so frustrated, they -- owners are so frustrated they may sue about moving. as. san jose estimates a new as ballpark downtown would bring in $130 million a year in fanned spending. the san francisco, the giants say they have territorial rights to the south bay. time now, 7:54.
7:55 am
sal is baching the san jose air -- watching the san jose area right now. northbound we have slow traffic because of an earlier motorcycle accident up near the 17 interchange. they got the crash out of the lanes. however, traffic is backed up, as you can see, into downtown. 101 is slow because of a variety of accidents. bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is -- well, it's backed up for about a 15, 20-minute delay. it's improved a little bit. we had a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge. and 80 very slow. it really has been because of earlier problems. let's go to steve. clear skies out there. no fog. it's down actually just past san lieu wits obispo not making much of an impact towards monterey. we don't have anything to worry about. wind's cranked up a little bit at some of the higher elevations. a few high clouds up near the oregon border. had some really cool readings at the coast and warm
7:56 am
conditions elsewhere. between hayward and redwood shores redwood city, really mild lows. higher clouds from a week system will fall apart. overall, it will be sun nip and warm. cool morning, some of the gusts are already near 50 miles an hour but can't find anything like that at the surface. 60s, 70s, 80s to a few low 90s. to the extended outlook, thanks again to the fabulous mark tamayo, we're showing the coast temperatures, steve and i said yes, i know. 80s. it looks really warm, wednesday, thursday and friday. i still rein on a cooldown for the weekend -- lean on a cooldown for the weekend. legal fireworks are expected in a los angeles courtroom the wrongful death lawsuit involving michael jackson is back in the news. what will happen in a courtroom
7:57 am
from -- in just hours from now. >> reporter: and the search continues in rural calaveras county for the person who stabbed an 8-year-old in her home. we will have reaction from some of the parents coming up and stepped up security at her school today. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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7:59 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's day three in the search to find the killer of an 8-year-old girl who was stabbed to death in her home in calaveras county. alex savidge is there. you just talked to parents at the school. >> reporter: i did and they are just heartbroken. we're at the school this morning. they are trying to understand why one of their classmates was killed. 8-year-old leila fowler was a third grader and stabbed inside her hone home in rancho calaveras. the move was a somber one. parents walked into the school with her kids. many people were seen hugging each other, conso manying one another. we'll -- consoling one another. we're told there will be grief
8:00 am
counselors on hand for. students to be able to talk about what happened and work through it. sheriff deputies are continuing to search for this little girl's killer. a man described as white or hispanic with long gray hair. authorities say that man broke into the home on saturday and stabbed her to death. leila's 12-year-old brother was home at the time and called for help. at this point, investigators are not offering up any motive for the crime. but in talking to parents, many say they are trying to reassure the kids that they are safe. >> it's so difficult to explain why she won't be there. it makes kids wonder could this happen to me. and that's one of the things as a parent that we need to assure them is it's not gonna happen to you. >> reporter: now, as far as the investigation into this crime, investigators were able to pull fingerprints from the girl's home over the weekend where
8:01 am
this attack took place. they also were able to gather what they are calling possible dna evidence. everything should be processed within the week as they work to try to track down the person who killed this young girl. i did confirm with the calaveras county sheriffs department, they still have an active search. we did see a command post set up along the highway and i'm told we may get an update later this morning. we're waiting for that. back here live, you can see you have sheriff deputies, volunteers with the sheriff's department. we've seen folks walking around trying to provide reassurance to the students after one of their classmates was killed over the weekend. this community is coming together. they will be holding a candlelight vigil at this campus tomorrow night in honor of leila. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. lateert on today, bur -- later on today, burlingame
8:02 am
police are expected to tell us more about the stabbing of an off-duty police officer. the uncle of one of the victims says his nephew, an off-duty berkeley police officer, was stabbed several times and he's listed in stable condition. still not clear how many other people were hurt, arrested in that incident. later on today, san mateo congresswoman jackie spear is hosting a summit on gun violence and schools. this brings together educators, parent, mental health professionals, members of law enforcement and community leaders all on how to create safer schools. their goal is for the u.s. to be a safe -- for the u.s. is for schools to be a safe haven.
8:03 am
a 74-year-old san francisco native well off his bike on friday and underwent reversement of his shoulder surgery. six months after superstorm sandy, chris christie is still praising proem. he marked the half year since the storm by saying the president has kept -- praising president obama. he marked the half year by saying the president has kept his promises. he angered some republicans saying it favored the outcome of the presidential election. christie said they both did what needed to be done for a devastated region. a san francisco startup company is hoping to use abandoned muni buses to provide bathrooms for the homeless. it's called lava may. as many as 100 people a day can
8:04 am
use showers, toilets and buses all over the city. the company has the rights to at least one muni bus. it's looking for grants to to pay for installing the bathroom. it could cost $100,000 to retrofit each bus. people could see a pay raise next year if one state lawmaker has his way. lieuis oleho introduced a bill to increase minimum page to $8.25 a year. he also said it should go up another 50 cents an hour the following two years. if the bill becomes law, it will be the first state minimum wage increase in five years. b.a.r.t. will tell us more about the safety measures, including a bill that will become law. brian flores is live in oakland. why does b.a.r.t. feel it needs this bill? >> well, the background, tori, good morning is because there's
8:05 am
been recent attacks on b.a.r.t. workers. this was a bill passed last year. but -- but b.a.r.t. officials say they had to wait for all of the pieces to be in effect to enforce it. a lawmakers says it will keep workers safe. this bill allows a prohibition order for anyone who commits a range of offenses at train stations. this can include everything from urinating to defacing property. for serious offenses, bans could take effect on the first offense. b.a.r.t. also says there's safeguards to make sure the rules don't need to discrimination. the person being charged can have an administrative hearing within 30 days and an appointment also to see if the charges can be dropped.
8:06 am
we talked with b.a.r.t. riders and for the most part they agree with the ban. >> there's some people that come here and take advantage of the riders. this is an airport location so people get off -- maybe get off the plane. they are tired and they need to catch the b.a.r.t. and they go to get their ticket and there's always someone who tries to help them that doesn't work here. >> i think it will help keep the bad people away and people the harassers and the people trying to beat up other people away. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials announced that there will be portable video cameras allowing them to document interactions with the public. they've also increased patrols since the boston marathon bombings. they will announce more details on how they plan to enforce this new bill. that's scheduled to take effect a week from today. for more on the traffic situation, i understand there's
8:07 am
problems on the roadway, sal. hopefully it's not too bad. >> it's not that bad, brian, but it's certainly slow. i can understand why some people who want to use b.a.r.t. instead of taking the car. let's start at northbound 280. we have slow traffic. part of the reason, a motorcycle accident that was just north of hip 17. it was left -- highway 17. it was in the left lane. the motorcycle rider was able to walk off. he was slightly injured but he was able to walk his bike off to the side. also the morning commute has been superbusy, it keeps showing you these road sensors, vo slow. if this is your commute, it's not a great monday start for you. bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic has been slow for about 25, 30 minutes. i also got a tweet from janice. i want to thank her for it. four-car accident on 237 westbound near 101 added about
8:08 am
15 minutes for her commute on the way into sunnyvale. we always appreciate you getting ahold of us on twitter and facebook. 8:07. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. pretty good twitter information lspweather. sunny. well to above average temperatures, especially inland. a good 15 degrees for some. wednesday looks better. record highs. windy out of the north- northeast. this week will be well above average. we're ending april on the warmer temperatures. -- april with warmer temperatures. sunny and warm. where is the fog? down by san luis obispo, maybe later in the week. it can really drop the temperatures for those folks.
8:09 am
windy weather is on the way. i think we'll get a cooldown. fire danger goes right back up there will be some gusts, 40, 50 miles an hour. mt. diablo is already 49. north and east bay hills. the warmer weather means possible record heat. san francisco would have to get up to 88, 89. it will be close as we get through wednesday and thursday. we'll keep an eye on things. the trend is for the most. it will be very warm and maybe some more record highs. already 66 in fishfield. if you get a north breeze, it's warm. livermore is 63. half moon bay was down to 48. now 52. a little cool for some. already warm for others. component of an easterly breeze for some. it's not across the board one direction or another. that's the fog there. just working its way up towards big sur. it still hasaways to go. 70 almost in redding almost 70
8:10 am
in sacramento. and almost 80 in las vegas. a lot of fog in l.a. and f.m. sacramento. we have clear skies. a cool morning, windy in some of the higher elutriations -- higher elevations. 60s to 90s. some areas again pushing areas that should be about 74 degrees. they are a good 14 to 16 degrees above. 74 alameda to 83 in san jose n fremont at 81. 64 pacifica. 66 daly city. 83 redwood city. mountain view, 79. possible record heat, wednesday, thursday, friday and it does look cooler to me by the weekend. smaller unemployment checks. the reason 400,000 californians are taking a hit starting this week. let's go, warriors! >> three straight wins for the warriors. and they are on the verge in advancing on the play -- in the
8:11 am
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8:13 am
shop at clear skies. already mid-60s for some. a lot of 50s. we'll end up with sunshine, highs, 70s, 80s to near 90. 8:13. the legal battle between the world's biggest entertainment company and the family of michael jackson. it's heading this morning into a los angeles courtroom. bob decastro is live in los
8:14 am
angeles. why are we expecting fireworks in the courtroom? >> reporter: dave, first of all, there's ae witns list here. it contains a lot of celebrities, anywhere from diana ross to quincey jones. but this is -- there's a lot of money at stake here. we're talking about billions of dollars. katherine jackson, the 82-year- old maytry arc -- maytry arc of the -- matriarc of the family, could take the stand, also the children. but essentially they are seeing that the company should be held liable for the death of michael jackson back in 2009. because they contend that they hired dr. conrad murray. you may recall, murray was convicted a year and a half ago of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson for giving him the fatal dose
8:15 am
of propofol to help him sleep. they are asking for unspecified damages that could amount to tens of billions of dollars. of course, that remains to be scene. this morning, we're expecting that the jackson family will be here for these opening statements. again, katherine jackson expected to be here along with at least two of the older children, prince and paris. we're hearing many family members including janet jackson will be here at well. this is a trial expected to last about four months. >> bob decastro live from los angeles. thank you. we're getting new information about a powerful explosion. it happened at a building in the czech republic. it happened in downtown prague. at first, authorities said 40 people were hurt. but now they say it's at least 35. there are no reports of anyone killed but at least three people are still missing right now. crews are going through the rubble trying to find people
8:16 am
who may be trapped in the rubble. police think it may have been caused by a leaky gas pipe. 8:15. happening right now, first lady michelle obama is scheduled to announce a new program aimed at helping members of the military find good-paying jobs when they leave the service. >> let's listen in. >> and that's really a big deal. it's not a small task but the truth is that changing our laws, it's truly just the beginning because even the best laws in the world won't make a difference until companies are actually making those job offers. schools are accepting those credits and our veterans and military spouses with actually collecting those paychecks to take care of the families at the end of the day, whether or not we solve this problem in so many ways to is up to the men and women in this room. that's why we've invited you to the white house today to participate in these ro
8:17 am
tables hope y will start working together to figure out where the gaps are and how we can work together to close those gaps. >> once again, you've been listening live to michelle obama at the white house talking about a program that involves public private partnerships to allow service members to earn certifications in information technology or nursing before the -- before they leave the military so when they do leave the military they will be able to find good- paying jobs and support their families and themselves. we're learning two u.s. service members killed in a plane crash in afghanistan were based in northern california. the pentagon says captain reed nikusha of hawaii and sergeant dixon of rancho cordova died in afghanistan when the plane crashed. the two men were stationed at
8:18 am
beale airport base -- beale air force base. this morning ten syrian sailors are missing after two cargo ships collided in greece. helicopters are being used to search for survivors because one of the ships sank. congress has set aside almost $500,000 toker new tanks despite the -- for new tanks despite the fact that the army doesn't want it. upgrades to the abrams tank are not necessary and he would rather the money be spent on other projects. but analysts are saying congress keeps approve the money because the aprograms tank provides job in the -- abrams tank provides jobs there. automatic spending cuts are taking a toll right here in california. the long-term unemployed are getting even less help starting this week. as kyla campbell reports from
8:19 am
our washington, d.c. newsroom, the federal government is scaling back on those benefits. kyla? >> reporter: the federal government is giving california $250 million less than originally planned, due to the cuts that maim law last month. this means that -- became law last month. this means those who have been out of work for six months or more will be getting less. they were receiving about $300 a week in federal benefits. starting this week the checks are dropping to just $250. an unemployment rights group says these automatic cuts will only hurt the struggling economy. it says if californians are getting less in benefits, they will be spending less on the economy. the rate, 9.4% this month. but the em plim rights group says the reduced benefits have two main implications now. people who are looking for work
8:20 am
could be forced to take minimum wage jobs or they could be forced to stop looking for work altogether. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the state of california's only average at best when it comes to early childhood education. that's according to a study that came out today. the report says that california meets only four of the ten quality standard. with no new money coming in to pre-kindergarten programs, they say it probably won't change any time soon. california spend $242 a year on each pre-k student. the state of new jersey spends almost three times that amount. the golden state warriors are one win away from advancing to the second one of the nba playoffs. >> let's go, warriors! [ cheers ] >> oracle arena, now being
8:21 am
called roracle areason na, nearly 20,000 fans watched curry get hot. he scored 6 three-pointers to help beat the nuggets, 115-101. the team is exceeding despite losing all-star david lee. >> it's a great team. they all love playing with each other. if one guy goes down, they step up. i'm really proud of them. >> that's one happy co-owner there. game 5 is tomorrow night in denver if the warriors -- denver. if the warriors win, they face the spurs. if they lose, game 6 will be back in oakland thursday night. this is the warriors' first trip to the playoffs in six years. very exciting to watch and a lot of fans rooting for them. >> they are on a roll. >> yes, they are. a horrifying face of -- a horrifying case of animal
8:22 am
cruelty has left one community in shock. things are heating up around the bay. meteorologist steve paulson will tell us where we'll see some 90-degree temperatures today. good morning, westbound 237. the traffic is slow getting over to 101. we'll tell you why and more about the morning commute. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
8:23 am
8:24 am
they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back. the monterey county spca wants donations to help care for dozens of cats and dogs rescued
8:25 am
from the home of a hoarder over the weekend. 16 cats, 24 dogs and seven pickup pips were all found living in feces and garbage three feet high. the animals were malnourished, invested with fleas. we still don't know who owned the house but it was declared unlivable. people who walk their dogs without a leash at san francisco's crissy field are being warned to keep their pets under control. two off-leash dogs killed two geese at the park over a week ago. a statement was released reminding dog owners they could be cited or arrested for problems their pets cause at the park. >> it's probably a good idea to have them on a leash. >> this past year, there's been at least nine incidents where a
8:26 am
dog bit a park employee or a visitor. 8:25. let's bring sal back. highway 237, how is it doing? >> it's a slow. we had a crash in sunnyvale on 237 near 101. that's been cleared. but traffic has not recovered. as a matter of fact, you can see the traffic is going to be busy this morning as you drive through. also at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, the bay bridge, that's backed up for a 25-minute delay. we had earlier minor problems on the span and in the toll plaza backup but that's have been cleared off. the slow traffic in the bay area, 80 westbound from pinole all the way to el cerrito because of earlier problems. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have clear skies. no fog. to the north a few high clouds. overall, it's getting very warm, very fast. 66 fairfield. 66 livermore. antioch is close. san jose is in there. mountain view, 65 already.
8:27 am
oakland airport is 64. 5 the san rafael. a -- 59, san rafael. this is a sign of a windy pattern developing tuesday night into wednesday. a lot of upper 80s and low 90s. these temperatures will continue for a while. it looks like a very warm week. 8:26. a new development in the boston marathon bombing investigation. an interesting connection between a raid in russia, a violent video and one of those bombing suspects. how fast are ambulances expected to respond to emergencies? the answer to that and how many times this company that serves santa clara county failed to meet that standard, when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. calfire wants to do everything to reduce the risk of fire as fire season gets closer. starting today, open burns will be banned in several counties including alameda, contra costa, san mateo, and santa clara. so far, calfire has rushed to about 700 wildfires around the state. calfire says the burn bans have proven they can reduce the number of big fires. burns can still take place for agriculture, land management and fire training but only with a permit. cam fires are also allowed in designated areas. this week, san francisco's supervisors will hold a hearing on security measures for major events. the hearing comes in the wake of that deadly bombing at the boston marathon. city officials will take a close look at security at all of the big events in san francisco, including next month's beta breakers race.
8:31 am
police chief greg suhr is proposing putting surveillance cameras along market street so authorities can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. tonight, family and friends will mark the first anniversary of an unsolved killing in oakland. on april 29th of last year, brandy martel was shot and killed while sitting in her car on 13th street. friends say martel was a transgender woman. tonight's vigil is meant to call attention to continued violence against transgenders. her family is also hoping it will remind people about the case and convince anyone with information to come forward. later this morning, two sisters accused of child abuse at the livermore preschool are expected to enter a plea in court. they are accused of swaddling seven babies so tightly, they could not move and had trouble breathing. >> the sisters ran universal preschool which has been shut
8:32 am
down. their defense attorney will argue it was not abuse. it's only been on the job for year and a half, but santa clara county is ready to terminate the contract of one ambulance company. janine de la vega joining us live now to tell us about the problems that led up to this decision. janine? >> reporter: dave, i talked with a spokesperson for rural metro, that's the company that operates santa clara ambulance. he tells me they've taken care of all of the violations. this is responding to emergencies. santa clara county requires that the ambulance company arrives to a scene in less than 12 minutes of deeing dispatched 90% of the time. the ambulance company violated its contract twice in october and december of 2012. ambulances didn't arrive within the 12-minute required time frame. a spokesperson said they were a fraction of a percentage off. but regardless, they took the
8:33 am
matter seriously. >> immediately went into action and put together a plain, hired additional personnel, put additional ambulances on the street to make sure that we meet those response times and that that would never happen again. >> reporter: the mercury news is reporting that the county executive says that with one more violation of that type, the county may have to consider terminating its contract with the ambulance company. he told the paper that while the company didn't put patients at risk, the -- county -- at risk, the county would have been vulnerable if a disaster didn't occur. as a side note, the county is in the middle of of negotiations with the union representing the ambulance company workers -- workers. they have voted to authorize a strike at a last resort, right now they are in the negotiations process, but rural metro tells me that they are progressing well and that they are hopeful that it will
8:34 am
resolve that bargaining very quickly. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. the efforts to protect hundred of birds being killed in petaluma may have caused a delay of an $82 million highway. caltrans put nets up. they found out about 100 birds have already died after being caught in the netting. now, state and federal laws require caltrans to protect the birds and those nests. caltrans has founded 50 dead birds since march 27th when the problem was discovered. they are working on the fixing the problem. we're learning more about the bolt problem with the new eastern span. bay bridge. according to the "chronicle" the new bridge has 1200 bolts made from galvanized steel.
8:35 am
those bolts are similar to the type were banned by a group from the transportation officials because they can crack. the type of steel being used is safe and is in line with industry standard. happening right now, president obama is scheduled to deliver remarks at the national academy of sciences on its 150th anniversary, let's listen in. >> even as the nation was at war with itself, lincoln recognized finding a way to harness the highest caliber of science for the government would serve a whole range of long-term bowls for the nation -- goals for the names. the idea that the essence of america has hugerred the enemy -- hungered the enemy.
8:36 am
and -- >> you are listening live to president obama speaking at the national academy of signiances, maaing its 150th anniversary. he's pro-- he's protected to promote his agent saw ongoing with the budget battles in congress. >> back here at home, fixing potholes, a major blitz starts today in oakland. crews are out there focusing on a different neighborhood every week. the goal is filling more than 3,000 potholes by june 26th. the work starts on claremont avenue between deliverton and hudson streets. last year, by the way, 2800 bottles were killed during a similar blitz. it is 8:36. we want to check in with sal see what's happening on the roads. >> still busy. >> yeah. it's getting better. we've had some improvement which is good news. let's take a look at what we have now. 24 is little a -- is still a little bit slow. there are no major problems in
8:37 am
you are driving up to the caldecott ton. westbound coming up to the pay gates looks good. good for this time. sometimes i say it looks good. this is acceptable. w about that? better agetive. the traffic once on the bridge looks good. westbound 580, we have a -- we have a crash still on the shore d. it's an injury crash. more slow traffic getting into the dublin valley. if you are driving across the san mateo or dumbarton bridge, moderately avenue traffic on those spans. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. calm conditions already very warm for inland temperatures, starting to warm up. a few high clouds have come down. it won't do much today. it will pick up the wind for everybody. the leading edge of it just moving into the north. fog is in between monterey and about san luis obispo. already mid-60s for some. we had some cool readings for a
8:38 am
few. temperatures out of the gate, really warm and way above average. sunny and warm. mostly sunny, again, there will be a few clouds. tonight, tomorrow, that system slides by. it will usher in a slightly cooler pattern on tuesday. all eyes towards the hills because that's when the wind will pick up. right there is our system. it will really cool down parts of nevada but for us, the end result will be wind and elevated fire danger is on the way. it's only going to get worse when you get that north- northeast wind. so warmer weather is on the way. not only for inland areas but for the coast sand san francisco, possible record highs, probably not tomorrow but more likely wednesday into thursday. have to get in the upper 80s to near 90. sunny, warm, windy, cool. also along the coast. temperatures, 60s and 70s and 80s to near 90 degrees. should be around 74, 75 for some of these inland temperatures. they are a good, 15 degrees
8:39 am
higher than they should be. very warm windy conditions. wednesday, thursday, maybe to friday. it does look cooler by the weekend. 8:38. the investigation of the boston marathon bombings continues here in the u.s. and as pam cook reports over in russia, pam, the fbi agents are searching for answers to a very important question. >> yes. the question, did the two brothers suspected of the boston bombing act alone. now, cnn reports that russian special forces quilled two member -- killed two members of the jihadist group in an early- morning raid over the weekend in the republic. that's where the bombing suspects' parents live. a militant in that raid had been fee charred in a youtube video created by the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, called terrorist. police there say that same militant ran bomb making camps
8:40 am
that foreigners attended. the pictures suggest that camp attendees use learned to use cell phones that detonate explosives. there are reports that the militant was a mosque and met with the older tsarnaev. however, russian authorities say they cannot comment on that. now, we do know that the older tsarnaev did go to dagistan 2012. there is an elite team of the fbi working on the boston bombing case and it's still in the early stages, investigators stay. back to you. >> thank you, pam. you can go to to get the latest on the boston bombings. you will find a tab right there on our home page. a hunger strike at guantanamo bay prison is growing. military officials say at least 100 of the 166 detainees held at the base are taking part in the protest. the hunger strike started in february to protest conditions there and the fact they are
8:41 am
being held indefinitely. last week, the white house said it's working on the problem. the obama administration has pledged to close the prison but some congressional lawmakers are blocking that from happening. supporters of wikileaks whistle-blower bradley manning plan to protest san francisco pride. the openly gay army private was named on honorary grand marshal of the parade last week. then the pride board said that was a mistake. gay activists plan to protest the reversal tonight at 5:00. manning is charged with leaking secrets to wikileaks. his court marshal is set for june 3rd. that's a few weeks before the parade. we have developing news from the current hot spot in the middle east. a very close call for one top political leader in syria. >> the unusual defense being -- being offered to a man accused
8:42 am
of killing four women in northern california. >> reporter: and the search is on for the man who stabbed and 8-year-old girl to death in her home. we will tell you how security is being stepped up and hue students are coping with this loss -- when "mornings on 2" continues. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
8:43 am
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stocks lifted by a pair of encouraging economic reports. wages and spending rose in the u.s. last month. pending home sales hit their highest level in three years. takeal live look at the big board -- taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 65 and the diamondback is up -- nasdaq is up 26. the s&p up 8. subaru is recalling 10,000 of its newest wagons. the carmaker says it's notifying the owners of 10,000 forrester wagons from the 2014 model year. the floor mats can curl when exposed to heat and that can interfere with the clutch, brake and gas pedal. the problem was discovered in cars being delivered at a port in washington state. dealers will replace all floor mats free of charge. let's bring you up to date on some of the -- some of the other top stories -- in the czech republic, 35 people are
8:46 am
hurt, others are still missing after this powerful explosion. no word yet of anyone killed. investigators think a leaky gas pipe may have caused the explosion. unemployment checks will be smaller for 400,000 out of work californians starting this week, all because of automatic spending cuts. this affects people unemployed for more than six months and they get federal unemployment benefits everyone the search goes on in calaveras county for the person who stabbed and killed and 8-year-old girl in her home. alex savidge is live to tell us how the little girl is being remembered this morning. alex? >> reporter: well, this school community is in mourning, really trying to make sense of the sudden death of 8-year-old leila fowler. she was a third grader here. students are now in class here. leila fowler was killed over
8:47 am
the weekend, stabbed to death. authorities say inside her hone home in this rural part of calaveras county. i want to show you the scene a few minutes ago. a group of 6th graders left class and put ribbons on the fence of the school in a tribute to leila. this morning at parents dropped their kids off at school, there was a feeling of sadness. we saw many people hugging and consoling each other. grief counselors will be here today to help students talk about what happened. in the meantime, sheriff's deputies are continuing to search for the person who killed leila on saturday. a man described as white or hispanic with long gray hair. authorities say the man broke into leila's home and stabbed her to death. leila's 12-year-old brother was home at the time and called for help. investigators are not talking about what the motive might have been for this crime. but certainly it has parents at the elementary school rattled. some say it's difficult
8:48 am
explaining what happened to the kids. >> you just have to be supportive and let them know that they are safe and that school is a safe place for them to be and -- and the parents will be able to decide how they want to discuss it with them. >> reporter: investigators collected quite a bit of evidence from leila's home over the weekend where the attack took place. they were able to pull fingerprints from the house. they also recovered possible dna evidence as well as they searched for a ill canner here. i just checked -- for a killer here. i just checked with the sheriffs. there's no updates as for the ongoing manhunt in the area. but we do know that the deputies have been patrolling outside jenny lynn elementary school and two other schools to make sure students feel safe as they return to class. i talked with the superintendent here in the district. he tells me those patrols at this elementary school will continue until leila's killer
8:49 am
is caught. we're live in calaveras county, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:48. jury selection is scheduled to get underway in a few minutes in the trial of a man accused of killing four northern california women. tara moriarty is live in san rafael with information on the charges that joseph naso faces. tara? >> reporter: yeah, jury selection is about to get underway in about 15 minutes. the accused serial killer will be selecting his own jury. his advisory counsel will advise him as to who should sit in the jury box. but ultimately, it's up to naso he has the final say. it will be interesting to see if he chooses women to sit on the panel. he's charged with killing four northern california woman between 1997 and 1994 -- 1977 and 194. 1994. according to testimony from the prelim hearing last january,
8:50 am
those women were in poteses that made them appear dead, incapacitated or -- poses that made them appear dead, incapacitated or un, conscious -- unconscious. nasos has said this had nothing to do with power but with rapport. if convicted, he faces the death penalty. so we're gonna head in there and let you know what happens coming up on the news at noon. live from san rafael, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we have breaking news right now. the emergency room of a v.a. hospital in los angeles is being evacuated. authorities are investigating reports of a possible hand grenade there. all this is happening at the v.a. west los angeles healthcare center right on wilshire boulevard. these are live pictures we're looking at right now. a security guard says he found the object about 7:00 this morning. again, these are static
8:51 am
pictures, live pictures from los angeles. we'll bring you the latest on this breaking story as we get more information. a teenaged boy is recovering after falling down a ventilation shaft in the marin headlund. he fell 35 feet in an old military bunker yesterday morning. firefighters cut through a steel barricade placed over the entrance of the bunker to get him free. now, he's got broken -- a broken arm and some bruises but they say he will make a full recovery. nine minutes before 9:00. developing news in syria where the prime minister barely escaped an assassination attack. the prime minister was not hurt when a bomb blew up near his convoy in damascus. his bodyguard was killed and one of the his drivers was critically injured. opposition forces in syria are getting bolder and going after
8:52 am
president assad's inner circle even where there's heavy security. therary concerns that iraq could be headed for civil war. 100 people have been killed in sectarian violence in the past week. this is new video of the attacks. the government shut down 10, mostly sunni, televisions accusing them of start, the sectarian violence. southern california -- starting the sectarian violence. rawmakers have created several bills to penalize people who fly drones for invading privacy. sheriff's departments may have to get a warrant if it's not a machine -- if it's not an emergency. all right, tori.
8:53 am
8:52. some big news involving one of the big names in pro football. tebow time, it's over in new york before it even got started. good morning. 880 monday -- northbound, you can see some slow traffic as you pass the coliseum. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area.
8:54 am
8:55 am
a stanford alum has become the first active player in
8:56 am
america's major sports leagues to announce he's gay. 34-year-old jason collins is a veteran center for the washington wizards. he tells "sports illustrated" he did not set out to make such an announcement but to step forward because nobody else has. he played along his twin brother at stanford. the trial begins for kwame harris in san mateo county. he's accused of assaulting his boyfriend during an argument at a menlo park restaurant last january. the former offensive tackle admitted he was gay shortly after the indent and said he kept his sexuality a secret during his entire career. he played five seasons with the 49ers and bon with the raiders. well, the tim tebow era is sever in new york. one year after -- is over in new york. one year after being with the jet, they are letting him go -- jets, they are letting him go. he didn't get any playing time
8:57 am
last year. he will now pass through the waivers, meaning every nfl team will have a chance to pick him up. he became famous when he was a quarterback ththe broncos. he had the signature move, the tebowing move everybody talked about. >> down on one knee. >> yes. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. how is the toll plaza? >> the toll plaza is busy. i wasup impressed that you knew how to do that move. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at the commute. it's better than it was. it's not completely good yet. backed up for a 15-minute delay. no major problems there. it's gonna be slow as well in some parts of san francisco, especially northbound 101 and 280. it picks up by the time you reach the 80 split. on the peninsula, 101 near 92 is pretty slow. i would recommend 280. sunshine already. coast, bay inland, it will be mild to warm, very warm for
8:58 am
some. it looks like the windy pattern kicks in tuesday, wednesday. another warm month here on the west coast. >> april ending on a warm month. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the noon news on more about the ambulance company that could soon lose their contract. we're always here at and mobile thank you for joining us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
. hello, everybody, i'm beth prout. we're going to get this week started with some great videos "right this minute." [ music playing ] >> dangerously off course, accepting two drivers into the rapids. >> you can hear the spectators right away, saying there's one, where's the other? >> see the agonizing wait for the lost driver to surface. he hikes over molten lava to get this shot. >> you don't know how hot t. lava is still hot


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